Improving the Quality of Life By Supporting BetterDAYs

It is our duty to help our clients improve the quality of life for everyone. That’s why we strive to make a difference in many areas in addition to our work helping to develop life-changing and life-saving products. At Chiltern, we encourage all our teams to support everyone in living their life to the fullest — every day.

To promote our focus on improving health around the world, we constructed the BetterDAY program. This internal program promotes health and wellness among our employees.

The BetterDAY program is a global wellness and fundraising program that encourages employee health and wellness and fosters a sense of community across all Chiltern locations.

The program makes and matches donations to charities that support our mission of improving quality of life.

Each year, Chiltern employees participate in a huge variety of local events important to them. Our employees are truly inspirational in their commitment to improving lives around the world as well as supporting local communities and each other. Chiltern is proud to support them in their endeavors whether it be a fun run for cancer research, an initiative to reduce plastic waste or working in local children’s charities.